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Class Trial Bookings

When customers want to try out at your school let them book on for a taster, trial class. Now in Class Manager you can automate this process based on available directly on your portal.

el Dec 23, 2020 / por matt

Payment Plans

Give your customers flexibility to pay over a longer period by adding a payment plan to their account. With payment plans your customers can pay in instalments of your choice and this can automatically trigger payment using AutoPay (debit/credit card) or Direct Debit.

el Dec 10, 2020 / por victoria

Automated Payment Reminders

Automatically send payment reminders to your customers who haven't paid with our new automated payment reminders feature.

el Oct 5, 2020 / por victoria

Billing Packages

Do you offer a bundle of classes for a fixed price? Maybe an unlimited package? Our Packages feature has you covered. It will override the cost of classes if the student is associated with a package which they will be billed for instead.

el Sep 25, 2020 / por matt

Enrollment Upfront Payments

Take payment when your students enroll to your classes via the portal. Take payment at the checkout using debit or credit card and remove the need to ever chase payment again with Upfront Payments.

el Sep 22, 2020 / por matt

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