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Our software will help you with all your class management so you can focus on what you love, teaching. Affordable and simple class admin software is our aim.
No over-the-top features, just what you need, when you need it. Accessible anywhere, easy to use and affordable.

Class Management Software

Class Manager assists businesses worldwide with a range of dance, gymnastics, swim, tennis and martial arts clubs. Helping owners take control so they can focus on teaching.

Dance studio software
We help dance studios maximise their studio space and streamline scheduling.
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Gymnastics software
We help gymnastics clubs streamline their timetabling and registration.
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Cheerleading club software
We help cheerleading clubs optimise their enrolment and bookings.
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tennis club management software
We help tennis clubs to optimise their timetable and court schedule.
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swimming club software
We help swim schools with organising their members and lessons.
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martial arts class software
We help martial arts clubs streamline their training sessions.
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Packed with features designed especially for your studio or club

We strive to provide premium software at the lowest pricing to save you time, money and streamline your business admin.

grow your business

Track business metrics and skyrocket your growth

Understand areas for growth with synchronised customer and class insights, giving you full control over your business, so that you can love admin again.

efficient studio admin

Streamline registration, communication and billing

Send follow up emails, payment receipts and more with Class Manager’s automation and integrations. The best dance studio booking software that connects with your other tools.
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studio scheduling software

Keep track of your schedule, synced across all your devices

Access your data anytime, anywhere securely through the cloud. We understand how important it is for you to be on-the-go. Download the admin app today!
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Our clean and simple layout means you and your staff can get started quickly and make light work of the class admin.

Working hard to make running your business easier.

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on-the-go apps
Innovative admin and customer apps. Make your active studio lifestyle that much easier letting you do admin on the move.
AI Writing generator
Save valuable time and let Darcey, your AI for email writing assistant generate personalised emails instantly.
visualise & Track growth
Understand your business success with customer growth and finance metrics.
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Invoicing used to take me hours its so easy now, managing my classes with covid restrictions through class manager has been a god send & I love that they are constantly adding new features at no extra cost unlike many other admin systems who charge a premium. I wouldn't use anything else 10/10 from me!


Highly recommend Classmanager! I have used other platforms and none are as user friendly and consistent as Classmanager. My staff and clients also find this platform the best we have used so far.


Love it so much, it has made my job as admin so much more efficient and professional. Great team work always answer all your questions. Super features to use and affordable. Paperwork is a chore but Class Manager is a pleasure. Look forward to turning on my computer, you can also do it on your phone on the go, on the way to work or home.



A massive help for myself in terms of invoicing. I was always having to manually mark off invoices against the bank and was very time consuming. So it has saved me so much time.


Performing Arts

Class manager is the full package! We run all of our scheduling and customer management through it. It’s fabulous for booking trial classes for new customers too!


Health, Wellness & Fitness

The whole system has been a game changer for us. We’ve found it easier to track payments and has made it easier to grow the dance school

Lucy Grace

Theatre Arts

The things we at En Pointe Theatre Arts enjoy about class manager is the online scheduling as a way for parents and teachers to check class times if needed as well as the ability to input school holidays so parents are aware of the school holidays. The system also saves a lot of time on admin and gives parents and easy way to register for classes. The new maps feature is definitely useful in plotting where to hand out leaflets in the local community.

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