All-in-one class management tool to help boost your productivity

Our features are designed to help you save time, streamline your class management, and communicate with your customers.

Class management software displaying business dashboard and class timetable screens.

Free trial, no contract

iPhone and Android Apps

Convenience at the fingertips of your staff and customers

Communicate information process payments, view profiles, make purchases, book trials, enrol in classes and more!

Woman and child using the customer app to view upcoming class schedule.


Customise and streamline your onboarding, communication and billing!

From Welcome emails and Birthday Greetings, to Payment Reminders and automated Follow Ups. Class Manager's automation truly enhances your customer experience.

Email automation examples including welcome message, booked lesson details, and payment thank you.

Ask darcey

Save hours every day with Darcey your AI assistant

Darcey instantly generates email content for you, just give her a prompt and get a perfectly written, compelling email that you can edit to your liking.


Class Management

Hundreds of features to help you keep track of your customers and classes

Track attendance quickly and easily, manage trials and new joiners with transparency, keep track of waiting lists effortlessly. Assign uniform standards to every class.

Dance teacher using phone to mark attendance during dance class.

Fatturazione automatica.

Comprehensive finance management

Class Management

Flexible Income

With simple recurring payments, payment plans and pay-as-you-go.

Class Management

Efficient Invoicing

Produce detailed invoices. Handle discounts and taxes with ease.

Class Management

Detailed Reports

Produce detailed reports to meet your accounting needs.

Online Shop

Offer your customers the convenience of a dancewear store in their pocket!

Class Manager’s EPOS enables you to to take sales face-to-face or online

Hand holding phone in dance studio, browsing and ordering ballet shoes from the online shop.

Business Dashboard

Overview important business metrics in one place

Track payments, customer growth, schedule and tasks requiring attention, with quick access links to all areas of the system and Class Manager’s unique Smart Search feature.

Overview of Class Manager business stats displaying customer growth and revenue increase metrics.

customer heatmap

Expand reach by understanding customer hotspots

Visualise your customer location spread with our interactive map. Identify areas for growth, improve marketing and advertising strategies.


csat surveys

Collect honest feedback that keeps you ahead of your competition

Understand ways to improve and use them as testimonials to attract new prospects.



Free and unlimited support, via chat, phone or Zoom

Our dedicated team are on hand to help your business overcome any challenges. Join our ever growing Class Manager community today!

Customer support representative providing assistance to a Class Manager user on a video call.


Track customer engagement and grow your business

Automate and schedule emails, view opens and clicks of each email. Organise and tag customers data into categories for effective and efficient communication

Customer selection sorted by tags such as competition, inactivity, and emergency contact


No need to provide your own website, use Class Manager's hosted web page

If you do have one, all our key features can be linked for quick and easy access.

Screen displaying Class Manager registration integration on a personal website

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