Billing Packages

Do you offer a bundle of classes for a fixed price? Maybe an unlimited package? Our Packages feature has you covered. It will override the cost of classes if the student is associated with a package which they will be billed for instead.

  • Perceived Value Purchasing a bundle of classes in package feels like a saving for your customers.
  • Up-sell Opportunity A great way to increase the number of classes your existing customers take.
  • Simplicity If you have a complicated billing structure, offering plans to catch-all some of this can make it a lot simpler for you and your customers to under.

Packages is designed so that Class Manager can support your billing needs if this is the way you advertise and sell you tuition/classes to your students.

How do I get started?

If you are already with Class Manager and want a guide on how to setup and configure packages see our configuring billing packages guide.

How easy is it to configure?

Simple, you just need to provide a few details such as;

  • Package Name.
  • Package Cost.
  • Quantity of Classes Included (Can be unlimited).
  • Selection of Qualifying Classes.

Once created, just apply to your students and it will override these costs in their billing.

What will the invoice look like?

The customers invoice will look pretty similar. However, the classes will be a zero cost and the cost will be shown in the package. For an example, please see the invoice below.

An example Class Manager Invoice billing with a Unlimited Package
Click image to zoom

If you want assistance with any of the above, please reach out to our team via livechat, email or give us a call.


Written Sep 25, 2020
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