manage attendance

Attendance registers synced across all your devices

Store your registers securely and access them electronically via Class Manager’s App and enjoy attendance tracking synced immediately across your devices.

Laptop and mobile devices displaying synced attendance registers.

customer data

No more searching around for customer details

Access important student information, records and parent details quickly and with ease.

Admin app providing easy access to customer details for efficiency.

registration process

Keep track of registration and enrolment metrics

Simplify the registration process and enrolment process and do away with the post-it notes for good!

Snippets from the dashboard showing important metrics, such as customer growth and pending enrolments.

emailing & messaging

Save time by bulk sending targeted emails and messages

Contact your classes directly with class-specific emails and messages. Target only the relevant customers, every time!

Bulk email sending feature enabling communication to various classes, seasons, and tags.
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