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The time im saving is amazing. I love being able to pick it up on my Ipad and quickly access my students information on the go.

I just LOVE having all my club data in one place and it is SO easy to use.

So simple and easy to use with loads of help and fast, effecient support from the customer care team.

Since adding Jujutsu and Taekwondo to our club our membership has grown three-fold, finding the perfect software partner has help us with all the additional admin.

It was scary trying something new. But I can't imagine going back away from ePayments, I save so much time not running to the bank with cash and checks.

I have only using the basics of Class Manager for our swimming club and it has been so helpful, everything under one roof and kept once place. Thanks!

Great support and help from the team at Class Manager. Myself and the other coaches find scheduling our day so much easier now.

Great support, easy software and was easy to get started, would recommend to anyone else running a karate club.

The easiest and most efficient way to teacher heaven. Class Manager dance studio software has sorted all my dance admin problem easily!

I run a club with over 400 members. Generating and sending invoices via email whilst keeping track of them has never been so effective.

Creating my invoices has never been easier, LOVE IT! I will never go back to accounting software and excel. I would highly recommend

I started 2 months ago just to store my information for GDPR and create registers. It was daunting but the learning curve really wasn't that bad.

Our karate club has been longing for some karate club software like Class Manager, we have never been so on top of payments.

LOVE IT - could not live without Class Manager. After a week of getting setup myself and all our instructors have so much more vision of our swim club.

Class Manager helps all my teachers know every detail about all of our customers. Now we can offer the personal touch like we did when we started out.

Our members have really enjoyed us having a streamlined billing process, much less work and so much more organised, couldn't imagine running our tennis club without now.