Class Trial Bookings

When customers want to try out at your school let them book on for a taster, trial class. Now in Class Manager you can automate this process based on available directly on your portal.

Trials are the perfect way to tempt new students to try out your classes. Using Class Manager you can offer trial classes for free or paid, depending on your requirements. After a little configuration, all of this can be handled with zero interaction from you end. Saving you time, increasing your student count and increasing your revenue.

The facts

  • You can decide trials require payments or a free for prospects to participate in (If paid you can decide the price - It doesn't need to be the same price as a single class).
  • You can toggle (and in bulk) which classes are available for trials.
  • You can decide if trials honour class size limits or if you would like them to always be allowed.
  • Any student participating in a trial will show on the digital and printed registers.
  • The customer/student who registered for the trial will receive email confirmation about the trial.
  • If the trial is paid for, it will create completed/paid invoice in your system for your records.
  • Within Class Manager you can directly manage you trials, see both, passed and upcoming student trials.
  • Each class, and season has a unique url for you to use on your facebook or website for people to directly click and book a trial.
  • Approve trial customer/students can be made into a normal customer/student with 1 click (available in bulk also) - this will also prompt a portal invitation for them to complete further information required.
  • When customers are taking a trial you can choose which additional custom attributes show on the form. By default, we take the minimum to keep the process seamless - however, this does require them to agree to your T&Cs and related polices before they can continue.

What does it look like?

The goal is to get the student to regiter for a trial, in order to do that we tried to keep the information gathering to a minimum but also ensuring we gathered what is required. The new trial system includes a lot of new pages and screens, but most importantly we can take a look at the journey your prospective students will take.

Firstly your customers can browse a list of available classes, this can be filtered and you provide a URL which will take them directly to trials in a single location or for a certain age bracket.

Trials Class List
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Once your customer has selected a class, they then must select which lesson they wish to attend from the remaining list.

Trials Class Lesson List
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Finally. they get a summary before finalising. This is the second to last step if you are not charging for your trials.

Trial Lesson Summary
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If you are charging, they will then be redirected to make payment, this way you have been paid for the trial before they even arrive.

Trial Payment Request
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Lastly your prospect will get a summary of what they have booked, this will also now show on your end in Class Manager.

Trial Completed Summary
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Finally, this summary will be emailed to the customers so they have a record of the trial that they have booked.

Getting Started

To get started with trials we have added a handy guide over on our knowledge base, you can find it here.

If you are struggling you can always reach out to our team who would be more than happy to assist you further.


Written Dec 23, 2020
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