Payment Plans

Give your customers flexibility to pay over a longer period by adding a payment plan to their account. With payment plans your customers can pay in instalments of your choice and this can automatically trigger payment using AutoPay (debit/credit card) or Direct Debit.

Your customers credit card/bank accounts will be charged on the agreed instalment date until the outstanding amount is paid. Class Manager also gives you the tools track the progress and status of each instalment for each payment plan you have created.

Benefits of using Payment Plans

  • Boost business - offering more options that may make your pricing more suitable to a wider audience.
  • Flatter cashflow - receive steady cash throughout the period rather than in larger lump sums.
  • Less bad debtors - a great solution to assist people behind on invoices to pay them in an achievable way that you can track.
Payment Plans
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Quick Example

You invoice Jane Doe for your classes and the term price is £300 for the 3 month period.

Jane Doe, cannot afford this in one payment. You have offered this customer to spread the invoice with a payment plan. You can setup the payment plan for the total outstanding amount, for 3 months with a monthly interval. The payment play will setup at £100 a month. This is a great way to help out customers with large invoices without loosing revenue (specially when compared to discounting).

Extra Information

  • Payment plans do not require the use of automated payments. If used in manual mode they will trigger an email each month to your customers reminding them they are due to make a payment.
  • If you use AutoPay (credit/debit card) or Direct Debit (GoCardless) integration this will automatically trigger payments on the given intervals.
  • Setup payment plans in bulk for a fixed amount or the total outstanding amount to spread multiple customers over a given period at the same time.
  • Simple & fast dashboards that will help you keep on top of your payment plans.

Getting Started

If you want to learn how to get started with Payment Plans check out our Payment Plan Knowledgebase article or alternatively get in touch with one of our team.


Customer Success Executive
Written Dec 10, 2020
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