Customer Portal

Your Customer Portal is here. We have taken loads of feedback and feature requests and piled loads of that into our Portal v1 (Yes, more is to come!).

Customer Portal or Parent Portal, the Portal is the customer facing side of the software that allows your customers to access information regarding classes, payment and contact details.

Pass on admin to your customers

The parent portal gives your customers the ability to log in and...

  • View and edit their own personal contact details.
  • View the details of the classes their child/student attends.
  • View upcoming classes (for all students).
  • View all invoices (current & historic)
  • Pay invoices online (if you have enabled credit card payments).
  • View payment history.
  • More coming soon (See future at the bottom of this post).

Also brand new customers can register themselves and related student(s) to your school.

How does it work?

Your Custom Portal Web Address

Every customer will have a personalised portal web address. It will look something like You can find your portal address on your dashboard as soon as you login to Class Manager.

Parent Portal
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Giving access to your current customers

You can send your current customers an invite from the customer list, they will receive this as an email with a link to log-in, here they will be able to choose a password. Using the Invite All to Portal button will send all your customers an invite saving you even more time.

Once they have set up a password they will be able to access the portal at anytime to retrieve the necessary information using the log-in page.

Customer Portal Invite
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Brand new customers

Provide potential customers with your personal portal web address to fill in an online enrolment form to join the school. You will find this link on your Dashboard under My Portal.

Simply send this to them or just post it on your website or social media.

Online Enrolment
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Once they have done this you will receive a ‘Pending’ notification on your dashboard for you to accept them as a new customer. They are able to create their children as students as well as inputting contact information. All of this is viewable to you before you accept them onto the school. This will save you hours of data entry and mean you can go completely paperless.

Parent Portal Login
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This is what it will look like for your customers when they log-in:

Customer Portal Dashboard
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When your customers give you small admin tasks such as updating their contact number or asking for a record of their payments you will be able to direct them to the portal so they can do this themselves.

We would love to hear your feedback on the portal! We want your Class Manager account to be used to the full potential so you get the most out of it. Don't be scared to jump in and get started after reading this post, if you are stuck at any time you can always reach out to our team.

Future Portal

As with all of Class Manager our software is always under continued development to provide you with the best tools to manage your business. We already have plans that we are working to incorporate in to Portal V2. We don't want to give everything away, but as a teaser it will include;

  • Saved Cards (Auto Payments) ~ The team here are very excited about how much impact this will have!
  • Automatic online class enrolment. (Completed - See Online Enrolment)
  • Further registration customisation (incorporating your selected custom attributes). (Completed - see Custom Registration Form)
  • Company Noticeboard.


Written May 16, 2019
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