Last updated 16th September 2018

Early Bird Programme

We are rewarding all our customers that join us before our public launch by offering them a 40% discount on their subscription price, for life.

Before Class Manager is publicly launched, all customers will no be charged. The software during this initial period will provided completely free of charge.

The Early Bird Programme will close when the software is made public (not on an invitational only basis), this is the initial period. Class Manager reserve the right however, to end this period early if deemed necessary. During the initial period users are not required to entered any payment method.

Once the initial period has ended all customers will start their 30 day free trial. To uninterrupted usage each customer must enter their payment details before the end of the trail.

Class Manager reserves the right to whom Early Bird Programme invitations are sent to.

The Early Bird Programme discount is only valid whilst the customer is an active subscriber. If the subscription is cancelled, the lifetime discount is lost.