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We have designed the multi-feature swimming club software to help you seamlessly run your swimming club. With our swimming club management software you will have complete control over your club activities. From class schedules to invoicing and communicating with your clients you can do all that from a single dashboard.

Our swim class management software is priced competitively to make it affordable. It comes with feature and functionality you need minus over-the-top ones. Easy to use and can be accessed anywhere on any device. Class Manager is the Swimming club software that will streamline your business.

Billing and Payments

Managing your billing and payments with ease on Class Manager. We support credit card, cash, cheque, bank transfer and direct debit. Select how you would like your customers to pay.

Class Schedules

Swimming club software that is designed to make creating and maintaining classes super simple. Quickly view your class schedules with your swimming club calendar view.

Messaging System

Our online swim club messaging system means reaching out to your customers couldn't be easier. Send an email or text message directly to a class, the whole school or an individual.

SMS available soon and additional charges may apply.

Online Registration

Use the Customer Portal by Class Manager and saves even more time, allow your customer to manage their own data and view billing and payments history. Also collect new customers with an swim club registration software.

Loved by our customers and totally customisable.

Data Management

Different pools, customers, students, staff, competition information, notes - running a swimming club creates a LOT of data. Class Manager ensures you can store all of it, in one place and the data storage is unlimited.

Class Registers

Track class attendance with ease directly in Class Manager or print off a register for class or the whole term. Run reports, add your own absence reasons and keep all your attendance information in one place.

Our swimming class management software is packed with features.

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Swim Class Management Software

Class Manager is cutting-edge swim class management software this is easily adaptable and offers great ROI to its clients. We are committed to reducing your club admin. Take a look at our 1-to-1 demo and free software trial along with premium support to get first-hand experience.

Class Manager is cloud based and this ensures quick and easy access on all platforms from Windows PC and Apple Mac to iPhone, iPads and Android powered devices. It is easy to get started with and doesn’t required training or knowledge of technology to use the features on offer.

All for just A$40 a month, no contract

Focus on simplicity

Our clean and simple layout means you and your staff can get started quickly and make light work of the class admin.

Working hard to make running your business easier.

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We understand the importance of good value. At Class Manager we have one low price for everyone, no matter of your size

Class Admin Software shouldn't and now isn't expensive.

Support Excellence

Ever need help? You'll come straight through to the team that can assist you, a team that understands the importance of your business.

Hopefully you won't need us, but it's nice to know we are always here.

I have only using the basics of Class Manager for our swimming club and it has been so helpful, everything under one roof and kept once place. Thanks!

LOVE IT - could not live without Class Manager. After a week of getting setup myself and all our instructors have so much more vision of our swim club.

Only A$40 a month, no contract

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