Message Tracking

Our new helpful feature has landed.

Keep track of your invoice and email statuses and have full visibility of if they have reached your customers and have been opened. ​ Class Manager is now able to provide you with the response from a customers email server, giving you full view of what stage the email/invoice is in.

This will mean

  • You will know if a customer is not receiving your correspondence because their email address is incorrect.
  • You will be able to chase any customers that are ignoring your emails/invoices as you will see if they have received or opened these and have decided not to react.
  • You will know if there is a reason an invoice has been left unpaid.

Where you can view this

Customer View

Every customer has their own Messages tab located on their page where you are able to view a list of all of that customers emails and invoices and what status they appear in.

Track Customer Emails
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Messages View

When sending an email from the messaging system you are able to see the full list of recipients and their email status just click into the email in question and you will find this under the Recipients tab.

Track Message Recipients
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Message Tracking Stats

Also here on the Overview tab you have a preview of the email sent and a handy percentage tool meaning you can see the an overview of how many have received and opened these.

Message Tracking Stats
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Invoice View

Invoices will also have their own log of statuses on the invoice view. Simply head to the invoice itself and you will be able to view whether the customer has received or opened this one.

Invoice Tracking
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What do the email statuses mean


This email has been delivered to the customers inbox but has not yet been opened.


The email has been delivered and opened by the customer


A bounced email is any email message rejected by a recipient's mail server and returned to the original sender for many reasons as follows: ​

  • The recipient's mailbox is full.
  • The email was too large.
  • The email account you are sending to has been temporarily suspended.
  • The email address no longer exists.
  • The email address is invalid (typo, etc).
  • The domain doesn't exist.

Not delivered: Could mean bounced address, check for typos or to see if this is a real email address. It could mean an email to this customer has previously bounced and so it has marked the email address as not valid.

With this information you will be fully 'in the know' when it comes to who has viewed this important information so you can prompt customers that have not opened these important emails.


Product Lead
Written Nov 14, 2019
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