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Setting up a dance studio is no easy task. You have to go through hoops to find just the perfect location for your studio, register your business, develop a thought-out business plan, and hire the right personnel.

Even after all of this, you still have your work cut out for you – it's now time to start marketing your dance classes and attracting new students.

The process can seem overwhelming, especially before you've ensured a steady revenue stream, but it's nothing you can't handle.

If you want to see some activity in your dance studio software, check out how you can promote your dance classes and get new clients interested in your studio.

Create a customer persona

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Develop your target customer persona before you start any marketing campaign

Before you can get creative and start advertising classes and appealing to wide audiences, you first need to develop your target customer persona.

In a nutshell, a customer persona is a representation of your ideal student. It's an archetype that tells you who your students are, their age group, their interests and hobbies, and how they like to spend their free time.

The more detail you go into when creating your customer persona, the easier it will be to develop an advertising strategy that appeals to them.

You'll need to do thorough research and analyze your competitors to gather valuable information on your ideal audiences and establish the right demographics for your needs.

Most dance studio owners will target families with school-age children. However, you can offer dance classes to different types of customers – kids, high school students, the elderly, middle-aged men and women, or professional and amateur dancers of all ages.

Just make sure that you have a clear idea of who your ideal students are before you start developing strategies to get them to sign up for classes.

Build up your reputation in the community

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Connect with the dance community to promote your studio

When you have your own dance studio, it's always a good idea to connect with your community and build relationships with your prospective (and even non-prospective) clients. It helps you spread the word about your brand and establish a spotless reputation.

There are countless ways you could connect with the community – join volunteer events with your dance team, go to local fundraisers, and maybe even donate what you can to the PTA organization, especially if you want to market your brand to parents and children.

You could also partner with local schools and offer your service to students as an extracurricular activity. Families will often prefer signing their kids up in dance studios that are promoted by their schools.

Partner with local businesses

Another effective option to promote your dance studio and attract parents and students is partnering with local businesses.

As a general rule of thumb, you'll want to avoid partnering with direct competitors and dance studios in your vicinity as it could cost you more customers than you'd like. A much better idea is partnering up with non-competitor businesses in your niche.

That could include yoga studios or sporting goods stores that sell clothing and accessories for dancing.

If you want to promote your studio to families, think of daycare centers, game rooms, or even kid-friendly restaurants.

Get creative and find businesses in your vicinity that make sense for your dancers. You could even offer discounts or promo codes for customers who come from your partner (and vice versa).

Host an inclusive open house

dance studio opening
Host an open house event to attract new students for your dance studio

An open house event is a great strategy for attracting attention and marketing your studio. It allows you to showcase your expertise, introduce yourself to the community, promote your classes, and get to know your prospective students.

Ideally, you'll want to schedule the open house on a weekend when all the parents and kids can attend without worrying about missing school or an important after-school program.

Make the event fun and exciting with upbeat music, plenty of activities, informational posters, and some tasty food and drinks.

Post about the open house on your Facebook page, send out postcards and flyers and call your friends and family members to spread the word about the event.

Make sure that as many of your prospective students as possible hear about the event well in advance.

Advertise your business on bulletin boards

One of the simplest and surprisingly effective tactics for marketing your dance studio is posting flyers on bulletin boards all across town.

A fun, vibrant poster in your favorite coffee shop, at a local school, or in front of a popular theater can work wonders for boosting the number of daily sign-ups you get through your class manager software.

You can use bulletin boards to market your studio's website, promote free dance classes, or simply post notifications about your upcoming events, for example.

Offer free dance lessons

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Free dance classes are incredibly effective for getting more customers

Although a free class doesn't seem like the greatest idea you could come up with to boost your revenue, it's incredibly effective for getting you more customers.

It's the perfect opportunity to meet prospective students, establish your reputation, and inspire trust and loyalty among your audience.

You can show just how exciting your classes are, and you can even provide social proof by having your best students showcase what they've learned with you.

A single free class can quickly pay off and help you increase your number of new sign-ups.

Organize unique events

Family-friendly dance events are always enjoyable for everyone involved. They're an effective marketing tool that can help you build stronger relationships with the community and highlight your unique talents.

There are plenty of event ideas you could come up with – offer a free class in a local park, organize friendly competitions and dance-offs, or support a charitable cause by organizing fundraisers.

Call everyone you know to the event and get ready for a good time.

Join a dance competition

group of dancers on dance competition
Participation in competition is great for marketing your dance studio

Competitions are great in and of themselves. You get to test your skills, see what others are doing, meet dance enthusiasts, and win awesome prizes.

However, they're also great for marketing your dance studio.

You and your dance teams have a unique opportunity to show the world just how talented you are.

Not to mention that any prizes you win could act as the ideal decor in your dance studio, showing all your visitors that you mean business.

Set up a website for your dance studio

Although traditional marketing strategies like setting up free classes and partnering with businesses in your niche can be highly effective, you'll need to have an online strategy as well.

It starts with creating a website for your dance studio.

Over 76% of customers look up businesses online before visiting in person. If you don't have a well-optimized site, you're missing out on hundreds of potential students who would love to join your dance class.

Improve your SEO

While you don't have to be a software developer or a coding expert to benefit from online marketing, it does help to have just a bit of technical knowledge.

Start with learning more about SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

In a nutshell, SEO is the process of improving the quality of your site to increase your website traffic.

Search engines like Google look into factors like your page loading speed, mobile-friendliness, links that lead to and from your site, and more to determine your ranking (the higher you're ranked, the more visible you'll be to your audiences).

The simplest way to improve your ranking is to offer relevant content. Create an informative blog post, for example, and keep sharing valuable information with your website visitors.

You should also optimize your registration page and make it easier for your students to book classes with you.

Create your Google business page

In addition to creating a site for your studio, you should also have a Google business page for it.

Google My Business allows you to share photos of your dance studio, add your location, explain your service, and provide your contact information.

It will help you stand out from other dance studios and attract more attention.

Make use of social media platforms

icons of social media networks to market dance studio
There are variou ways to promote your dance studio on social media platforms

There are few better ways to promote your dance studio than via social media platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others allow you to reach students on the other side of the world if you want to. The best part is that you can use social media for free.

Promoting your dance studio on Facebook

Facebook is still the go-to platform for social media marketing. All you have to do is create a dedicated page, share frequent, relevant posts, and connect with your audiences.

Offer support and answer all questions you receive in the comments or your DMs. Tag your students in the photos you share. Create contests and giveaways, share links to your blog posts, and post important information about your studio (registration deadlines, contact information, dance class schedule, etc.).

The most important thing is to remain active. Don't create an account and then neglect it – it's unprofessional and could negatively impact your reputation.

Drawing attention with Instagram

As one of the top five social media platforms, Instagram could be the perfect marketing tool for your studio.

As you're probably well aware, it's a highly visual channel, so sharing creative photos and videos is a must.

Use story highlights to introduce your team members, share reels of your classes, play around with different ideas and post photos that suit your brand persona.

Connecting with younger audiences on TikTok

If there's one social media platform that could be perfect for your dance studio, it's TikTok. As a platform largely populated by younger audiences, it gives you a unique opportunity to connect with prospective students.

Besides, TikTok dances are all the rage, so you'll likely find it easy to stand out among the crowd.

Marketing your business with YouTube videos

Being the second-largest social media platform, YouTube is a great place to find new audiences.

You can use it to offer free dance tutorials, class videos, or even competition live streams.

Moreover, all the content you have on the platform can easily be shared on your website and other social media channels.

Get the word out with email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to nourish the relationship with your existing students and attract new ones.

Send newsletters and updates, special announcements, and your most popular blogs. To make things easier on yourself, you can use email marketing software to schedule your newsletters and ensure that you're not spamming your clients with too many emails.

Take advantage of direct mail

Of course, you can always go the traditional route and attract new dancers by sending postcards and flyers via direct mail.

Although you can use postcards to simply inform your audiences about your studio, it's best to offer special discounts and coupons for free lessons if you want to truly attract attention.

Encourage students and parents to leave reviews

5-star review
Ask your existing dancers and their parents to leave reviews on your dance studio pages

Finally, the simplest way to get new clients to sign up for your class is by asking your existing dancers and their parents to leave reviews on your site and social media accounts.

Most of your students would likely be more than willing to share their experiences with your studio if you just call and ask them.

Virtually all customers who search for local businesses online will take a look at the reviews and form an opinion accordingly. Make sure that you have plenty of excellent reviews and comments if you want to increase your client base.

Final thoughts

Marketing dance studios isn't always an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort to attract new audiences and lift your studio off the ground. However, with some dedication and hard work, you'll quickly notice just how much your efforts can pay off.

Take advantage of class manager software to stay organized with your customers and manage your schedule with ease.


Written Jun 23, 2022
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