business dashboard

Stay on top of your finances with the Business Dashboard

View recent payments at a glance and keep track of outstanding invoices.

Payment metrics on the dashboard including amount taken, percentage increase since last month, and failed installments

customer insights

Monitor customer growth and track total customers

Identify new joiners to engage with and fuel your business's success.

Snippets from the dashboard showing important metrics, such as customer growth and pending enrolments.


Streamline your schedule

Stay organised with a quick view of today's classes and never miss an upcoming birthday celebration.

Snippets of upcoming lessons section and upcoming birthdays on the dashboard.


Easily access your most used reports from the business dashboard

Get instant insights into your business's performance and keep all your favourited Reports just a click away.

Snippet of favourited reports displayed on the dashboard for convenient access.

smart search

Effortlessly find the information you need

Experience the power of Class Manager's Smart Search feature through the Business Dashboard and save time navigating the system.

Using the smart search feature, which organises results by categories.
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