Customer Relationship Management

Capture customised data effortlessly with each new customer registered or trial booked

Tailor your customer information collection to meet your specific needs and enhance communication and engagement.

Customer registration process capturing customer data automatically.


Reduce your workload with automated emails

Let our CRM handle sending personalised messages to your customers.

Email automation examples including welcome message, booked lesson details, and payment thank you.


Send messages at optimal time for maximum engagement

Plan and send messages at the optimal time for maximum impact, review open rates and clicks.

Email list displaying scheduling options, open rates, and delivery rates.


Organise your customer data effectively with tags

Categorise and label customers based on their interests, preferences, or any other criteria for targeted and efficient communication.

Student list with tag examples such as: competition, allergies, and photo consent.

mailchimp integration

Seamlessly integrate with Mailchimp for enhanced email marketing

Combine the power of our CRM with the features of Mailchimp to optimise your email campaigns and boost engagement

Exporting customer data to Mailchimp for email marketing.
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